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Ministry for Life

with Mike Cresci

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Mike Cresci

Michael grew up in Long Island New York. At a young age he was adopted

into a caring and supportive family. He attended  City College of New York,

graduating with a Bachelor's degree in English literature and creative writing.

He worked a wide variety of careers including carpentry and long haul trucking.

After leaving NY in 2010 he traveled volunteering as a Woofer on organic 

farms in several different states ending up on a farm in Pawnee Rock, Kansas.

However, throughout his adult life Michael has struggled with his identity as

a man, changing his sex and living as a women for more than 20 years. In doing

this he believed he would be happier and more complete. After dealing with some

major losses in 2010, and beginning to recognize the futility of his decision to

change his sex, he began searching for something to fill the void in his heart,

which was opened and empty for so many years. He was dealing with rejection,

taking offense and shame over what he did and the depraved, immoral way he

was living his life. He began a downward spiral which led to drunk driving,

severe depression and losing the will to live. After spending some time in jail

for careless actions he eventually came to the Central Ks Dream Center in

Great Bend, Kansas to be a part of there discipleship program. Michael found love,

healing and a renewed purpose in his life. He returned to his God given gender with

the help and support of the CKDC and Assembly of God Church. He found value

through building a relationship with Jesus Christ and discovered, with the help of

the Holy Spirit, God's calling and purpose for his life. That calling is to disciple

men and women who are broken, lost and suffering, and to share with everyone

all that God has so freely given to him. After graduating from the discipleship program,

Michael entered leadership at the Dream Center becoming there men's program

manager as well as the classroom teacher and getting certified in the Teen Challenge 

curriculum. After three wonderful years of mentoring and teaching the men at the

Dream Center and also helping with there adolescent girls Thrive program, Michael has

recently left to continue his pursuit toward ministerial credentialing with Assembly of

God church. He has also started sharing his story with churches, schools, ministries

and other venues across Kansas. He creates and posts bible teaching videos through his

you-tube page weekly, and he also counsels men and women of all ages and from all walks

of life who are struggling with their identity. He is passionate about what God has done in

his own transformation and genuinely desires the same for those he serves.

"Unlocking the Truth.

Rejecting the Lies."

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